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If I make a change in the By-me system (SAI and/or home automation) are the schematics on the Touch pad also automatically changed?

No, once you make the changes in the control unit, you need to transfer the data to the same system saved in EasyTool and then press "Edit" on the Touch pad. EasyTool will then report any changes observed between old and new settings. Devices that have been removed will be erased automatically from the pages of the Touch pad and then you just add the new ones.

Is it possible to manage the SAI alarm system with the 3-Module Touch pad (part no. 20512, 16952, 14512)?

No, it can't be managed

When setting up the Touch pad environments, do i have to implement a specific model?

There is no precise rule for the association of groups to environments, you can for example build a system where the environments are composed of groups that are similar in nature, or you can create subdivisions according to the room in which various controls are found, or set up some environments one way, and others another way.

Which By-me menu should I access to have the Touch pad recognised?

If the Touch pad only handles home automation, it should be configured as a normal device in a home automation group, while if it also operates the SAI alarm, it must be configured in a Burglar alarm group/zone (which must be included in the partitioning).

Is the Touch pad configurable via the control unit (association of icons etc.)?

No. The Touch pad is configured by loading the settings from the control unit (or units, if the system has multiple lines with home automation control units) into EasyTool Professional and then use this data to configure the graphical pages of the Touch pad and finally transfer the settings to the device.

Can I use the Touch pads with the 2-Module home automation or SAI control unit?

No, the Touch pads are not managed by the 2-Module home automation or SAI control unit.