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Is it possible to reduce the noise on the video signal?

Yes, on the back of the Vimar Video door entry module is a selector that allows you to select the best mode to reduce noise depending on the type of the video signal used (twisted pair or 75 ohm coaxial cable).

While communicating with the outdoor station, I hear a whistling sound.

Check the volume levels on the trimmer located on the power supply or the one found on the outdoor camera. If you are using cameras or external units with an "extendable microphone" (e.g., Elvox part no. 559B or 930) install the microphone so that there is no Larsen effect.

For a call from an outdoor station, the Video intercom unit turns on, but there is no audio communication with the outside.

The audio system is an "Intercom" type system and so to activate the audio, you have to press and hold the D key on the monitor. Check the connections and volume adjustments by adjusting the trimmers on the power supply and the external station.

When I press the "lock" switch for the pedestrian gate, it does not work.

Check that other buttons for opening the gate aren't stuck.

The image on the monitor is ghosting or is distorted.

Make sure that the monitor has at least a 75 ohms resistance added, if there is an ELVOX part no. 6554 video distributor, check that all outputs V1-V2-V3-V4 are loaded with 75 ohm resistors connected to the monitors at the V and M terminals, or on the unused outputs. The last connected distributor must be loaded with a 75 ohm resistor connected to the V terminal.

When a call is made, the monitor remains off.

Check the monitor power supply on terminals 5 and 6, check that the monitor rings for calls from the outdoor station or check that the power supply generates the call tone: connect a 50-100 ohm speaker between terminals 6 and 8 of the monitor and make a call from the outdoor station. If you have installed monitors that turn on simultaneously with the same call, use an Elvox call repeater part no. 934 after the third monitor and for the next four.

When calling from the outdoor unit, the monitor rings and lights up, but there is no video.

Check the connection on terminals V and M of the monitor, check the signal from the camera and verify that it is powered.

The audio breaks up on the outdoor station, why?

The P2 volume on the 6680 power supply for Sound System is set to maximum, it should be lowered.

When speaking with the outdoor station through the monitor, it is difficult to hear even when the volume is set to maximum.

For Sound System, adjust the outdoor station. On the back of the camera there is a potentiometer covered by a sticker which has "internal volume" written on the side. Adjust the potentiometer to increase and decrease the volume.

The bell on the monitor is difficult to hear even when I increase the volume to maximum.

You have to use the call repeater 2/841 for Sound System.

The audio is weak on the Vimar Video door entry module and inaudible on the Vimar Intercom (20555), why?

It means that the Elvox 6560 speakerphone is not present or it is not connected.

The volumes of the Sound System 20555 speakerphones are very weak, but not on the Vimar Video door entry module, why?

Check that the input and output connects on the Elvox 6560 are not reversed or that the speakerphone has not been installed inversely.

The volumes of the Sound System 20555 speakerphones and Vimar Video door entry module are very weak, why?

Check that the speaker wires on the Elvox 6560 are not reversed or that the speakerphone has not been installed inversely.

Is the 6560 Speakerphone also used for the Elvox DigiBUS and Due Fili video door entry modules?

No, it is only required for Sound System technology with intercoms (part no. 20555 - 20555.N - 20555.B - 14555 - 14555.SL).

What is the 6560 Speakerphone and what is it for? Does it always have to be installed with the Vimar intercom in Sound System?

The ELVOX part no. 6560 serves to integrate Vimar Intercoms (part no. 20555 - 20555.N - 20555.B - 14555 - 14555.SL) in Sound System and should be installed as close as possible to the Elvox power supply, connecting it according to the wiring schemes provided and upstream of the other devices installed.

Can I connect the video cable in parallel when I have multiple monitors?

No, you must use the Sound System video distributors 5556/004–6554 or use the input-output connection.

Is it possible to connect 2 video plates in parallel?

No, you must use the switching module 6591–6592 with Sound System.

Can I use an ELVOX part no.931 power supply with the VIMAR video door entry monitor if I only connect the audio feature?

No, you must still only use a 6680 power supply and just leave the video feature disconnected as the Vimar monitor with video door entry module needs to be powered (+ and - of the 6680).

How many monitors can an ELVOX 6680 power supply support?

A 6680 power supply can support up to two Vimar monitors with video door entry modules. For a greater number of monitors, an additional ELVOX part no. 6582 power supply must be installed, which can support another two monitors.

Is it possible to increase or decrease the speaker volume of the video intercom?

Yes, the adjustment should be made with the monitor on; press the H-key and D-key together to decrease volume, and the I-key and D-key together to increase it.

Is it possible to increase or decrease the bell volume?

Yes, the adjustment should be made with the monitor off; press the H-key to decrease volume, and the I-key to increase it.

Is it possible to install additional bell repeaters around the home?

Yes, you can install bell repeaters via terminals 5 and 8 (outdoor station input or other inputs that you want to diffuse or enhance) of the removable 16-pin connector on the Vimar Video door entry module.

Can I use Sound System as an intercom with video door phones of the 6600 series?

No, this feature is not supported.

Is it possible to see the camera images on the outdoor station even if no one rings the bell?Can I activate the video camera even if no one rings the from the outdoor station?

Yes it is possible with Sound System, just connect the output of the 6680 power supply to terminal 12 of the 16-pin removable connector on the Vimar Video door entry module. The Self-start activation function can be accessed by pressing button C or D on the monitor, depending on its configuration (if Confidential Conversation is active, the Self-start function can only be activated by the D answer button).

Is it possible to differentiate the tones used by the Video door entry system for calls originating from the outdoor station and the doorbell?

Yes, it is possible to associate the two bells with different tones in Sound System, so as to differentiate the sounds depending on where the button was pressed. This feature is possible due to the presence of multiple inputs on the removable 16-pin connector (terminals 8 and 11).

How many monitors can be switched on simultaneously with Sound System?

Up to 2, then you have to use an additional power supply 6582-6583.

How much power does the Sound System Video door entry system draw?

The Video door entry system draws 240 mA in a call, 135 mA with the monitor turned on but not in a call, and 20 mA in standby.