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Can I use the DigiBUS system as an intercom?

No, this feature is not supported.

For a DigiBUS system, is a 2-wire cable sufficient?

No, the video door entry pillar comprises 6 wires + coaxial, while the connection between the power supply and the outdoor station comprises at least 8 wires + coaxial, according to the position of the outdoor station (single main, in parallel with others, at the bottom of the stairwell, etc.).

How much power does the Vimar Digibus Video door entry draw?

The Video door entry system draws 200 mA in a call, 150 mA with the monitor turned on but not in a call, and 15 mA in standby.

Why it is preferable to choose a DigiBUS system over Sound System?

The DIGIBUS allows greater flexibility with respect to the maximum number of users. Generally for more than ten apartments in the same complex, you should use the DigiBUS Video door entry system as, unlike Sound System, it does not require a call return cable in the outdoor station for each apartment. In the DigiBUS system, the identification of the devices and commands is digital.

To activate DigiBUS system, is it strictly necessary to have the ELVOX 950B programmer?

No, if you do not need any special functions, you don't need to change the programmed settings.