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For the Netsafe structured cabling, what are the distances limits for connection?

The maximum distance between the the socket in the main cabinet-and the corresponding socket near the work place is 90 m, the maximum total length between patch cords and connection to the user equipment is 10 m (5 +5).

How many RJ45 sockets are advisable for an open plan office?

Each work place must have access to at least two RJ45 jacks, normally positioned every 7-8 m2.

What is the difference between the RJ 45 Cat 5 or 5e cabling and T 568A and T 568B?

The two types of socket differ in their wiring schemes at the terminals, but there is no difference in performance. Each terminal is identified by a colour, which should match the colour of the connected cable. In Italy, wiring type T 568B is normally used. Vimar sockets mostly have universal wiring T 568A/B.

Do the Idea and Plana series provide sockets for data transmission?

Yes, a wide range. Netsafe, a complete system for structured cabling, that as well as offering RJ45 cat.5e and 6 sockets coordinated with the idea, Plana and 8000 series, also provide the patch panels and cords, wall cabinets, floor cabinets and cables. In the signal jacks range, the RJ45 sockets are suitable for Category 5e and 6 data transmission, and sockets with AMP connectors, AT&T, Panduit and ReichleDe Massari. There's also a wide range of adapters to complete the installation of data networks, built with connectors manufactured by industry leaders, covering 80% of the market in this sector: IBM, Pouyet, AMP, IBM, ReichleDe Massari, Panduit, Infra+.