For the 6600 Series, how do I configure an "intercom" call with the Due Fili 6611 and 6711 intercoms and video intercoms?

To configure an "intercom" call, just follow the following steps: - Simultaneously press and hold the SPEAK/LISTEN ("speaker" system) and AUTOSTART ("square" symbol) - wait for the red LED to turn on and start flashing - release the SPEAK/LISTEN and AUTOSTART buttons - press and hold the CALL (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6) buttons that you wish to program for intercom calls - wait for the “chime” and then release the CALL button - you have 30 seconds to press the LOCK button ("key symbol") on the intercom or video intercom that you want to associate with the call button you have chosen The above instructions are valid for item numbers: 6611, 6611/AU, 6711, 6711/AU